What Is the Cost to Install an Invisible Dog Fence?

how much is an electric dog fence

Keeping your dog in the yard can get expensive. Almost anyone who has had a dog that doesn’t want to put them on a cruel chain tied to a post or a tree either knows this is the case. No matter what kind of fencing you’re looking at, it’s not going to be cheap because almost any solution is going to run you at least $100. It may be hundreds or even thousands more depending on the size area that you want to enclose.

Component Avg Cost
Invisible Fencing Kit $250-$500
Wire $50 - $75
Installation Cost $900 - $1500
Collars $50/ea
Charger $50-$350
Voltage Meter $5 - $25
Batteries $50 - $100 yearly

Factors In Invisible Dog Fence Cost

There are a few things that you should know about that affect the cost of an invisible dog fence.

Dog Fence Collar Features

The collars for these systems can vary in the features that they have; the more features, the more expensive they’ll be. For example, collars that only have the option to deliver an electric shock to your dog are going to be different in cost from collars that offer the ability to deliver a shock, a warning tone, and a vibration.

Invisible Fence Wire Quality

Some fencing systems use better quality wire than other systems and you definitely want the better wire. It lasts longer and the signal is better.

The Invisible Fence Transmitter

The transmitter range is important depending on the size of your yard. If the area you want your fence to cover is large, you’ll need a stout transmitter to handle the distance or you’ll have a signal too weak to stop your dog from getting out.

Installation Costs

Installation is by far the largest cost when it comes to invisible dog fences. The cost of the installation could be double or triple the cost of the actual fencing kit itself.

Typical Costs of an Invisible Dog Fence

For a fence of about 500 feet, you’re looking at around $250 minimum if you install it yourself. If you get a professional to install it for you, you’re looking at closer to $500 to $1000 and beyond. This isn’t unreasonable, however; installing a fencing system like this is a decent size job for a single person to do.

Kits that you install yourself will definitely be the cheapest overall.

Collar Battery Replacement Cost

When factoring in the cost of your fencing system, you have to remember that the batteries that fit your dog’s collar will have to be replaced every 3 to 4 months. This adds an annual cost to your fence of anywhere from $60 to $100.

Training Your Dog To Use The Invisible Fence

You can train your dog to use the invisible fence yourself, but some fencing companies offer the option to train your dog to use the fence for you. It’s not a cheap service and can often cost several hundred dollars, but you will at least know that it’s done right. The training cost is an added expense that other types of fencing, such as chain link, don’t have.

But, The Cost Might Still Be Too High

The honest truth is that invisible fences like these not only fail for around 30% of dogs, but they also don’t stop predators from getting into your yard. Even if you’re not worried about predators, animals such as raccoons carry fatal diseases such as distemper and if your dog comes into contact with them, they could become ill and even die. This is the last thing that we ever want for our pets and it’s the whole reason we’re looking for ways to keep our dogs safe and close to us in the first place.

When considering the cost of an invisible dog fencing system, consider viable alternatives like this one. By the time you have installation done, the cost isn’t too dissimilar.

But, There’s An Invisible Fence Alternative

If you can’t quite afford a fully wired invisible fence system for your furry loved ones, a solid alternative exists. It’s completely wireless and covers up to 1/2 an acre.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

With the ability to cover up to 1/2 acre or 90 feet in all directions from the transmitter, this wireless pet containment system is a great solution for those who can’t afford the cost of the kit and installation of a wired invisible fence. There are 5 levels of correction from tone-only mode to the highest shock level. The collars are also waterproof.

The cost? A mere $259.